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SCUFFERS is a Spanish streetwear brand founded by Javier and Jaime, two young entrepreneurs from Madrid. The desire to undertake and the desire to create a joint project were the reasons for launching SCUFFERS in 2018.

SCUFFERS is more than just clothing and more than a fashion brand. SCUFFERS translates into a movement and a lifestyle that defends the differentiating trait of each individual. The fact of having these personal differences and being proud of it, is what unites as a community and at the same time exalts freedom and the rejection of labels, each one being the most complete, honest, transparent and proud version of oneself.

The main focus of the brand has always been the product and the quality with the purpose of being the favorite garment in the wardrobe. Their designs perfectly combine design, comfort and minimalism thanks to their careful details and unique patterns. The objective? Make SCUFFERS garments that everyday wardrobe pick.


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