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Loolios is an emergent European brand that breathes sustainability, art, culture, comfiness and luxury. Its name, Loolios, comes from Greek culture, it means destiny and luck being a powerful symbolism, the perfect match for a new niche fashion brand. From a metaphorical point of view, the brand started a journey that came along effortlessly.

The brand evokes elegance, decisiveness, and candidness with a sensitive environment. Ahmed Alzayani and Faisal Alfadda, from Bahraini and Arabia Saudi, respectively are Loolios. The founders and creative directors of Loolios started this journey after working together once finished the university. The origin was the love that they both have for design and creativity, and their constant search for new trends and their passion for art. Their designs are special and unique, and their aim is for their collection to be worn from morning to evening, or even for a formal party and that’s what makes Loolios unique, its versatility. The brand presents itself like a no gender dress code with the challenge to be best with the highest quality, materials and being affordable.


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