Manicure kits in your own home.
Le Mini Macaron is a French brand founded in 2015 by Christina Kao and François Humbert specialised in nail care from the comfort of your own home.

For years it has been very common to go to a beauty salon to get your nails done, but it means to invest time and money which is not a priority for many people. For this reason, Christina and her partner, François, decided to create a brand to offer the convenience of getting your nails done whenever and wherever you want with results of the nail salon. Le Mini Macaron products and packs offer you a quality alternative and provide a professional look thanks to all the necessary accessories to guarantee your investment.

With Le Mini Macaron products you will be able to recreate the beauty salon experience to have perfect nails in your own home in just a few minutes, as well as being able to innovate different techniques and even create your own designs. The nail polish technique has been developed so that you only apply 1 or 2 layers, since its 3-in-1 gel formula combines the base coat, the color and the top coat in a single nail polish.


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