Estée Lauder cosmetics is named after its founder, who revolutionized the beauty world in the 20th century. It was her uncle, a pharmacist, who sparked her interest in cosmetics. Determined to pursue beauty care, she began making her first facial cream in her own kitchen. In 1946, she started selling her own products under her name.

The Estée Lauder brand was built on passion, perseverance, and dedication. Estée visited beauty salons all over New York where she demonstrated her products. Her name quickly became known thanks to the personalized service she offered to her clients and the quality and effectiveness of her products. Soon, the Estée Lauder brand gained a great reputation in skincare.

Try the iconic Estée Lauder makeup, which today is an essential part of many women’s cosmetic collections, or the Estée Lauder facial cream, which will leave your skin feeling renewed. Also noteworthy are Estée Lauder perfumes: the Estée Lauder Pleasures eau de parfum for women, the men’s cologne with the same name, or the irresistible Estée Lauder Modern Muse fragrance for women.


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